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Crypto prices are falling fast, do you have to sell your crypto?

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Investing in digital currencies may be an aerial train. It is important to consider not only the purchase, but also the time of sale of digital currency in order to have the greatest chance of success. The standard guidelines when investing in stocks are to buy and hold them for at least five years. Crypto is a different and very risky market, so traditional approaches are not always valid.

It has been relatively difficult to buy these in the last few months. The digital currency market has lost almost half of its value since mid-November, and even industry leaders such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Atrium (ETH) have fallen sharply.

Even for experienced investors, the recent price drop may be worrisome. And with no end in sight, it’s easy to sell your digital currency assets before they get worse. But is selling a smart move now?

In early June, we saw a sharp drop in bitcoin from $ 30,500 to about $ 23,500 in just four days, which lost almost 23 percent. Ether fell more than 31 percent during the same period, and the entire crypto market appears to have been shrinking this year.

Fluctuations attract speculators who are looking for profit, but it is scary for new investors who are just starting out. Traders can also predict these fluctuations in the future with the launch of new digital currencies and the disappearance of other digital currencies.

Will the crypto price continue to fall?

If you are afraid that the market will continue to fall, you may think that it is a good idea to sell your assets now and make as much money as you can. However, this can sometimes be a dangerous option.

It is impossible to predict the future. Prices may fall even more or improve rapidly. This sector is known for its fluctuations and crypto has a long history of significant ups and downs. In the end, the market as a whole has had an upward trend throughout history. If you sell now, it is possible that prices will return to the market soon after returning and will lose profit.

Escape is one of the most common words to describe bitcoin and other digital currencies. Prices are rising and seeming to fall almost immediately, while influx, sentiment and fundamental change are all rapidly integrating into the market.

Also, if you have recently invested, withdrawing your money now will be almost to your detriment. Since November, Bitcoin and Atrium, among other prominent digital assets, have fallen by almost half their value. Withdrawing cash reduces your weight by almost half and exposes you to significant losses.

There are no hard and fast rules about when not to sell digital currencies. The most important thing to note is that you should not panic and sell if the price drops. If you still think it has long-term value, keep it.

Many Ramzarz investors subsequently regret their decision to sell terribly. When a digital currency has a high price, they buy, when the price goes down, they sell, and when the price goes up, they lose. If the price has dropped and you no longer believe that digital currency is a good investment, you should sell it. However, price reductions should never be the only reason for sales.

What to do with your cryptographic investments?

The most important rule is that as long as your money is invested in the market, you will not lose anything. If your investment is down 99%, you will not lose a penny unless you sell during the slide.

No one can predict whether it will improve or not, but this degree of fluctuation is common for the industry. The value of bitcoin has fallen more than 80 percent on several occasions, and Atrium has fallen nearly 95 percent in one year. This latest price drop of nearly 50 percent is relatively small compared to the previous decline of more than 80 percent.

The biggest thing you can do is keep your investment. The market may get worse in the future and your portfolio may shrink even further. But if you try to focus on the long term and stay away from daily market fluctuations, you may benefit from recovery later.